Fall TV: Love is in the Air

The days of Moonlighting are long gone.  Now some TV shows are daring to put together their bread-and-butter romantic couples, allowing them to flourish and be happy.  It’s refreshing that so many shows have so much to offer beyond the sexual tension between lead characters that they are willing to explore the comedy and drama that stem from lasting relationships.

Certainly, some couples don’t belong together.  Sam and Diane on Cheers were never REALLY a match and, ultimately, didn’t end up together.  But the Friends powers-that-be milked the Ross and Rachel storyline up until the very last episode, manufacturing ridiculous ways to keep them apart despite Ross saying Rachel’s name at his wedding and the two of them eloping in Vegas before eventually having a child together.  But at least Monica and Chandler were allowed to have a normal, mostly drama-free relationship.  It’s nice to see that some show runners are able to find entertainment value in long-lasting, somewhat functional pairings.

Here are some current notable TV couples:

Couples Who Should Be in it for the Long Haul

Barney and Robin on How I Met Your Mother: I called it after the pilot episode that these two would end up together, and I’m hoping they make it all the way to forever.   I love watching these two relationship novices navigate their way through this uncharted territory.  (Also, Lily and Marshall.  Love them.)

Mer/Der on Grey’s Anatomy: Yes, it took them forever to finally get married on a Post-It (don’t get me started on that retarded contrivance), but as long as they believe they’re married and it means we no longer have to endure the endless break-ups and break-downs, I will champion the cause of Post-It married persons all the way to the Supreme Court.

Pretty much anyone else on Grey’s Anatomy: Sloan and Lexie, Cristina and Owen, Callie and Arizona, Alex and Izzy.  Just stay together already.  Let Bailey get some new-intern tail for once.

Jim and Pam on The Office: They’re soul mates and they’re about to be parents for the first time, which brings a whole new dimension to their relationships with each other and with their office mates.

Lily and Rufus on Gossip Girl: Between the two of them, they’re parents to about 85% of all Gossip Girl characters.  They’re the Mike and Carol Brady of 2009 Television.  Here’s hoping they just go ahead and adopt Vanessa already so she can stop hanging around awkwardly like Cousin Oliver in horrible clothing.

Bill and Barb/Nicki/Margene on Big Love: I don’t want that show to lose any one of those ladies, so if Bill dies, they need to find a new shepherd for their flock.

Couples Who Should Break Up Because It’s Just Not Working (For Me, Anyway)

Sookie and Bill on True Blood: Ew.  Why stick with Bill when you can have Eric?

Penny and Leonard on Big Bang Theory: She and Raj have more chemistry (maybe it’s the whole not talking thing).

Couples Who Should Never, Ever Get Together (for the first time or again)

Tony and Ziva on NCIS: I love the tension between the two of them, but I’m not a fan of a sappy Tony.  Maybe they should just hook up once.  Because that would be hot.  And I do realize I’m probably fighting a losing battle on this one.

Jack and Liz on 30 Rock: Their dysfunctional working relationship is perfect as is.

Olivia and Peter on Fringe: Mulder and Scully never should’ve gotten together, and neither should these two.

Dwight and Angela on The Office: She’s a lying bitch.  He’s proven himself to be a pretty stand-up guy (and recently, a player).

Couples Who Should Give It a Go

McGee and Abby (again) on NCIS: While Tony and Ziva would ruin the show, McGee and Abby would provide some brilliant comic relief.  In fact, I think Abby should get pregnant with a Baby Probie.

Sheldon and Penny on Big Bang Theory: I just want to see what would happen.  Why shouldn’t the supernerd get the girl, and why wouldn’t the usually fawned-over Penny be intrigued by a guy who has absolutely no interest in her?

What do you think?  Who did I miss?



  1. Hammervision Said:

    This is a very incisive post Mags. You have hit the nail on the head on many of these TV relationships. It is true that the trend these days is to depict happy couples making it through the day, without having to do the push-and-pull to tease audiences. F you NCIS, you know that’s what you are going to do for eternity with Tony and Ziva or Tiva or whatever the F you want to call that stupid couple. And that stupid “real Amurhican show.” JK – Mags. I know you secretly (not so secretly) love mainstream NCIS. And, in any event, Ross and Rachel rule. So do Jim and Pam. And Sheldon and Penny. F Leonard.

  2. […] Cougar Town. It’s not up to Scrubs caliber yet, but it’s getting there.  Once they start exploring the goings on of the other characters besides Courteney Cox’s Jules, I think the show is really going to morph into something really great.  Sometimes it just takes a few episodes to really get going (See: Parks and Recreation and and The Office). […]

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