Bliss List and Piss List

Bliss List (Favorite Things of the Week)

Althea’s Project Runway dress.  If only I could be that sparkly every day.  Which ties into…

My new nail polish (Lucky Number) and lip gloss (Jingle-Jangle) from M.A.C.  Seriously.  If I am ever in a bad mood, just wave something sparkly in front of my face (like Kristin Chenoweth’s Emmy dress) and my mood will go from drap to fabulous in about three seconds.

A Cake ‘n’ Shake from Cold Stone Creamery.  I understand that ‘nothing tastes as good as being thin feels,’ but this comes pretty freaking close.

The way my kid says “Dip dip dip” when he’s dipping his food into sauces and condiments.  Even when the flavor profiles of his meals are a little unappetizing.  There’s no way cantaloupe and ranch dressing make for good eats.

Katie Cassidy on the super new Melrose Place.  I can’t wait to see her butt heads with Amanda Woodward when she returns.


Piss List (Least Favorite Things of the Week)

I know this is not news, but Lake Geneva, WI has become way too corporate.  Wal-Mart, Starbucks, Subway, KFC, etc.  People go to Lake Geneva to get away from these things and experience some cheesy local Wisconsin flavor.

The weather.  I should not have to scrape off my car this early in the season.

The Yankees in the ALCS.  Just go home.

Saturday Night Live with Gerard Butler was just abysmal.  They’ve stopped even trying to be funny.  Not EVERY show needs to start with a lazy political sketch.


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