Remedial Football – Week 7 Picks

After one week of posting my football picks, I am 11 for 14 — a record I can be proud of because it was enough for me to win the family confidence pool!  Take that, Grandpa!

Here are my Week 7 picks in order of assurance:

13. Green Bay over Cleveland

12. Philadelphia over Washington. I’ve finally decided to give up on the Redskins, and now this is the week they’ll probably pull through with a big win.  Bah!

11. Whale’s Vagina over Kansas City.

10. Indianapolis over St. Louis.

9. Bears over Cincinnati. Ite Ursi!

8. New England over Tampa Bay.

7. Carolina over Buffalo.

6. New Orleans over Miami. They’re probably going to lose sometime, but I don’t think this is the week.

5. Atlanta over Dallas. Tony Romo is ruining my Fantasy team, and therefore MY LIFE.  Kidding.  I never even check my Fantasy team.  Probably why the Flowery Unicorns are so far behind Ditka Jordan in the standings.

4. San Francisco over Houston.

3. Oakland over NY Jets.

2. Arizona over NY Giants. Sticking with my Cardinals.

1. Minnesota over Pittsburgh. Tough call on this one, but…yeah.  Minnesota gets to keep their undefeated record for another week.


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