Baby Boom

I will never (and by “never” I mean “not until at least the latter half of next week”) complain about watching just my son ever again.

This week I was thrown into the middle of the three ring circus known as ‘Spending Nine Hours in a Row with a 15-Month-Old and a 2-Month-Old.”  The older kid is my son, AKA Maury (for the purposes of this blog).  The baby is my niece Breighleigh (because I know how much my sister-in-law will just want to steal that name for her next baby), who comes to spend Tuesdays with Maury and me (among other days).

Besides finally discovering what a cake walk it is to watch only one child at a time, here are some other valuable lessons I learned over the past few days:

  1. Over the past year or so, I totally forgot how to take care of an infant. I forgot how delicate they can be somewhere between trying to wrestle Maury into submission on the changing table and watching him fall with glee to the ground when body checked by the family Labrador.  I forgot what a pain it can be to try and get them to sleep on their own.  Having to give Breighleigh meticulously portioned out bottles, I forgot how reliant I was on my breasts as pacifiers, the magical cure-alls to whatever was getting Maury down and possibly the reasons for his therapy sessions in his early twenties.
  2. Getting one baby to sleep at a time is difficult.  Getting two to sleep at once is impossibility.  Unless you are a willing to let the tiny baby nap on you while you consume copious amounts of daytime TV.  By the way, totally agree with Elisabeth Hasselbeck on…absolutely nothing.
  3. Watching two children at once can be a great weight loss opportunity. I barely had any time to prepare meals for my son, let alone myself, plus I was up walking around with the little one all day.  I should be a size zero by sunup.
  4. As little time as you may have to yourself and as difficult as it is to perform daily tasks, such as going to the bathroom or eating, getting a smile and a conversation of coos from the little one make it all worth it.  And somehow, you end up forgetting what was so problematical in the first place.  Those babies are tricky little buggers.  They know exactly what they’re doing.

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  1. […] Spending all day, everyday, with a toddler is like holding up a big old magnifying mirror on your life (or maybe it just is for us narcissists).  What behaviors do you engage in often enough that your kid starts to pick up on them an imitate them?  (I’m still waiting for the day he busts out his first “d-ckwad” or “f-cking f-ck.  He does spend an awful lot of time in the car with his sailor-tongued mother.) […]

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