Bliss and Piss List – Jeepers I Watch a Lot of Television

This week before Halloween has been endless.  At least there were some good things to take me happily through the week and some other things to tickle my inner bitch monster.

The Bliss List

Milky Way bars. Good lord, you are delicious.  And I can’t wait for Halloween to be over so you can get the frak out of my house.

Cougar Town. It’s not up to Scrubs caliber yet, but it’s getting there.  Once they start exploring the goings on of the other characters besides Courteney Cox’s Jules, I think the show is really going to morph into something really great.  Sometimes it just takes a few episodes to really get going (See: Parks and Recreation and and The Office).

This season’s So You Think You Can Dance talent. They may have lost Billy Bell, but damn!  This group is already putting last season’s cast to shame.  The solos are better and more exciting, and the choreography (after week one, granted) has been inspired.  Even Tyce has been OK, and it pains me to say that.

Color-free and fragrance-free nail polish remover, thank you for getting the full bottle of nail polish out of my rec room rug.  And thank you to your fumes for keeping me high all week long.

The Phillies. Of course I’d be cheering for even the Cardinals or (in some parallel universe were two AL teams can match up in the World Series) the White Sox if they were playing the Yankees.

The Piss List

Larry David’s character’s actual piss. Now, I’m not getting all worked up about where his wayward urine ended up like some of my Catholic brethren, I’m just feeling queazy about the fact that he — Larry “Social Propriety Police” David — didn’t bother to wipe up his spillage.  Grody.

Tyra and the Shorties getting their misguided bi-racialness on (ANTM). Ty-Ty, putting dark makeup and a bindi on a white girl’s skin, dressing her in a sari and a Native American headdress, and asking her to stare stoically in the direction of a soaring eagle does not add up to racial sensitivity.  It’s just kind of icky.

Even the THOUGHT of Jon Gosselin and OctoMom going on a date is enough to make me never want to turn on my television again (well, not really, but you get it).

Reruns ALREADY! No new How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, New Christine, or Melrose Place episodes this week.  What to you want me to do?  Spend quality non-TV related time with my loved ones?  I think not.  I’ll just put Dancing With the Stars on instead.

What did you like or not like this week?  Soup?  Snow peas?


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  1. […] 6. Don’t forget to read. I always find that I write better when I take time to read for pleasure.  It’s not a waste of time, it’s honing your craft.  And it’s oh-so-much more worth your time and brain cells than watching Tyra make a mockery of racial sensitivity. […]

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