Remedial Football – Week 8

I feel like this week is going to be chock full of surprises.  Among my family members, it seems as if this is going to be a good week for the home teams.

Here are the Week 8 NFL picks from a girl who’s only been to one pro football game in her life — and it was a Lions game, so it doesn’t really count.

13. Indianapolis over San Francisco. I went to school in Indy, and I love Indy, and Indy is playing really well so far this year.

12. Dallas over Seattle. Because Pittsburgh has a bye this week, Tony Romo is back on my fantasy team (The Flowery Unicorns).  Hopefully he will not disappoint me.

11. Chicago over Cleveland. Seriously, Bears.  If you don’t win this one…

10. Houston over Buffalo. Not sure why I rated this one so high.  Eh, Buffalo’s pretty bad, right?

9. New Orleans over Atlanta. The NOS have to lose some week, but not this week.

8. San Diego over Oakland. Yeah, whatever.

7. Arizona over Carolina. Sticking with my Cards, once again.

6. Jacksonville over Tennessee. These two seem like basically the same teams to me.  Maybe it’s their alliterative names.

5. Baltimore over Denver. I like The Wire much more than I like skiing.

4. Detroit over St. Louis. Two powerhouses go head-to-head.  Set your DVRs, folks.

3. NY Jets over Miami. Why not?

2. Minnesota over Green Bay. Will Favre make the statement, or will his former team?

1. NY Giants over Philadelphia. It’s like the World Series, ZOMG!  I like Philly better, but I have the utmost one point confidence that the Giants will win this one.


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