Things I’ve Learned from My 15-Month-Old…

…About Myself.

Spending all day, everyday, with a toddler is like holding up a big old magnifying mirror on your life (or maybe it just is for us narcissists).  What behaviors do you engage in often enough that your kid starts to pick up on them an imitate them?  (I’m still waiting for the day he busts out his first “d-ckwad” or “f-cking f-ck.  He does spend an awful lot of time in the car with his sailor-tongued mother.)

1. Apparently, I do a lot of cooking in front of him. Wherever we go, he will eschew all other toys in favor of pots and pans.  And not just for making noise.  He adds ingredients to the pots, stirs them, tastes them.  All those times he sat idly in his bouncy chair as an infant while I stirred risotto have turned him into the next Iron Chef, I’m sure.

2. I drink a lot of Starbucks. His new favorite toy is the empty venti cup that held my chai yesterday.  He played with this for about a half hour before bed last night, and he’s been playing with it since he woke up this morning.

3. I yell at the dog a lot. Believe me, he deserves it.  My son has started yelling at him, too, whenever the dog grabs a shoe or a pillow or a stuffed animal.  It’s nice to have an ally.

4. Apparently, my name is actually “Nee.” I’ve been calling myself “Mommy” since he was born, but he’s never actually uttered the word “Mommy” or “Mama” or anything resembling those nomina.  He calls me “Nee.”  I’m not sure where that came from, but I like it.

5. I’m not on the phone a lot, but when I am I YELL AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS! At least this is what I’ve gathered from watching my son make his pretend phone calls on everything from an actual toy phone to the strings on my sweatshirt.  Or maybe he’s just calling Bert and Ernie or the Count to complain about how much his mother is projecting onto him.


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