Toys ‘R’ Us, It’s Like You’re Not Even Trying

I took the little ones to the Toys ‘R’ Us today to get some ideas for Christmas presents.  Santa wants to bring my Little Iron Chef a righteous toy kitchen, a wooden santuku knife, and some play hamachi and haricot verts, so I thought we’d go get some ideas before etching our Christmas list in stone.

First of all, the store was  in complete disarray.  Boxes were blocking about a third of all the aisles.  Many of the shelves were empty or sloppy.  The toy kitchens that were on display as samples were shoddily constructed.  The stickers were slapped on haphazardly and most of the hardware was missing.  The whole store had a sad, third-world dollar store feel to it.

I remember Toys ‘R’ Us as being this magical place filled with aisles of Cabbage Patch Kids and bikes and Nintendo games.  Everything was shiny and in pristine order.  We knew exactly in which aisles to hole ourselves up until our parents inevitably dragged us away empty handed.  This new pathetic Toys ‘R’ Us just helped solidify my decision to do all of my toy shopping online this year.



  1. I don’t wanna grow up? I’m a Toys R Us kid? Not a million things at Toys R Us that we can play with?

    This saddens me. That said, I will say that doing toy shopping on Amazon (or some such) is rather freeing. You can do it at any time of day, you aren’t subject to taking the kiddie-pies IN to the store (always a delight, especially when they are of school age) and the prices are almost always better (and free shpping!)

    Sure, it’s not like dog-earing the pages of the Sears catalog or witnessing the glaming, mechanized joy of Higbee’s Department Store, but it’ll do, Pig. It’ll do.

  2. Mags Said:

    Oh! The Sears catalog! So many good memories! That big, fat, Earth killing tome. How I loved it so!

  3. Kate Said:

    Ew- it is gross! In reality, it is a third-world store!

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