Remedial Football – Week 9

I took a full three minutes out of my writing time to make my football picks for this weekend.  Hopefully I can improve upon last week’s record.  I came in second (by one point) in the family pool to my cousin.  PATRICIA!!!!!

Here are my well-researched NFL picks for Sunday, Movember 8, 2009.

13. Atlanta over Washington (Sorry, MCD!  I have much love for the ‘Skins, but let’s be real here.)

12. Indianapolis over Houston (16 and 0! Super Bowl bound!)

11. New England over Miami

10. Jacksonville over Kansas City

9. Seattle over Detroit

8. New Orleans over Carolina

7. San Francisco over Tennessee

6. Green over Tampa in the Big Bay Match-Up

5. Baltimore over Cincinnati

4. Bears over Arizona

3. Philly over Dallas

2. Denver over Pittsburgh (Never count out Denver at home.  It’s the altitude.)

1. Sandy Eggo over NY Giants




  1. (A) You needn’t apologize for the Redskins’ mind-blowing suckiness. They have truly redefined the medium.

    (2)Given that my hometown team has completely screwed the pooch (and really, they’ve been giving that dog the long, lean bone job for YEARS now), I’ve adopted The Saints, as I totally heart New Orleans. Really, who couldn’t love a city that invented The Hurricane? Or Jambalaya? Or that embraces cocktailism so readily? Besides, the Saints’ uniforms are all black and badass, so that makes them COOL.

    (D) Propers to Los Chargers. Their city of flip-floppery is also a favorite, and since they’re playing The Giants (who’re among my LEAST favorite teams), I’ll be cheering them loudly.

  2. Mags Said:

    I am feeling the Saints this year, too. I mean, really. How do you NOT root for New Orleans. I also have (explicable) love for the Colts and the Vikings and (inexplicable) love for the Cardinals and the Ravens.

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