That TV Show Is Sooo 1987, Part 1…?

This post about movies from your childhood that don’t hold up got me thinking about movies from my childhood that DO hold up (i.e. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and Can’t Buy Me Love.  Both are infinitely entertaining.  Someone jumps, nay, somersaults through a window and into a party in the former film.  They’re just not making that kind of movie today).  But that’s a post for another day.  This post is about the weird ass TV I loved as a kid that may or may not hold up.

It’s no secret that I’m a TV-phile to a very unhealthy extent.  It has always been that way.  Some kids grow up to be cowboys.  Some grow up to be the kind of person who DVRs America’s Next Top Model.

Most of the shows I loved as a kid have eventually been released on DVD (Family Ties, The Cosby Show, one measly season of Growing Pains), but some shows have gone by the wayside — never to be seen again.  Except.  Now we have YouTube.

Here are some of the more random and embarrassing shows from my childhood that I still hold dear in my heart.  What would be on your list?

Just the 10 of Us.  I wanted to be a Lubbock family member.  As a kid I always longed to be part of a big family (I was the elder of two kids, but now I’m eternally grateful for my small family), and the Lubbocks fit the bill.  I used to come home every single day from school and watch this show in syndication on USA.  The show featured the acting stylings of Brooke Theiss (AKA Lesley the head Alpha on 90210), Jamie Luner (of Melrose Place, etc.), and (in cameos at different times) Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc.  Here’s the theme song, for your listening pleasure:

Rags to Riches.  Again with my lifelong “big family” theme.  This was a show that was basically Annie with 1960s musical interludes.  It was Glee before Glee was Glee.  Staring Heidi Ziegler from — what else? — Just the 10 of Us!

Beverly Hills Teens. Totally!  Boasting characters with names like Lark and Bianca, this was the show that little girls’ dreams were made of — before 90210 came along, of course.  I taped the theme song directly from the TV on my little yellow Casio cassette player and listened to that song until the tape set itself on fire in protest.



  1. JVH Said:

    Okay, now know I should have bee a stay at home mom. All this unsupervised TV watchin was probably not a good thing. Sorry about that. But you turned out pretty good anyway!
    Love you,

  2. Mags Said:

    I would’ve watched the TV anyway. Maybe, though, I wouldn’t have melted all the butter on top of the low fat microwave popcorn…or let my brother eat cans of Hormel chili and three triple cheeseburgers from McDonalds as an after school snack. 🙂

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