Breaking Up Is Hard (But Necessary) to Do

We are now in the late December TV lull before January swings around with the promise of new episodes of the fall shows and the winter premieres of some new and returning shows (i.e. Big Love, Lost, 24, Project Runway, and the Godzilla of them all, American Idol).

So for my own productivity and sanity I’ve decided to bid adieu to a few old TV friends to make room for some new ones (at least until I can catch up over the summer on DVD).

Farewell, Ugly Betty.  It’s not you, it’s me.  I couldn’t handle the giant backlog of episodes clogging up my DVR.  It was stressing me out.  We will meet again, I promise.

Vale, NCIS.  I know you’ve made yourself available to me on On Demand, and maybe I’ll see you there; but hopefully you’ll pop up on Netflix soon and I can watch you via my Roku box like I did last year.  That was nice.  I miss that.

Good riddance, Glee.  I had so much hope for you, but you failed me.  Like Heroes before you, I get the sense that your writers have absolutely no idea what to do with you.  Some of your characters are all over the map, and others are just stereotypes.  I need to get out of this relationship now while I still have some self-respect.

You’re on notice, Community.  I was about ready to pull the plug on us, but you surprised me with a lovely holiday episode.  That bought you another month of my sweet, sweet viewership.

You’re also on notice, Fringe.  Like Ugly Betty and NCIS before you, it’s really not your fault.  You never fail to entertain and surprise me, it’s just that I’ve got, like, three episodes clogging up my DVR.  Something’s gotta give.

And you’re prematurely on notice, 24.  Seriously.  You lifted right out easily last year, and I won’t hesitate to give you the old Jack Bauer treatment if you don’t at least surpass Season 2 in sheer entertainment value.

Which shows are you exorcising from your life?



  1. HVH Said:

    Glee lost its spot on my DVR weeks ago with the stupid pregnancy stuff. I also nixed SYTYCD, running two seasons back to back is not always a good idea (ask The Apprentice).

    Gossip Girl is teetering. If it doesn’t do SOMETHING entertaining that doesn’t involve one character blackmailing another, its done.
    Also, more Chuck Bass, please.

    Flash Forward is safe for now, but it better go somewhere (Im starting to feel as though the writers/creaters didn’t think beyond the first few episodes, and now they’re making it up as they go)

    Greys Anatomy – Its like an old Tshirt, I dont know why i keep it – i just can’t seem to let it go even though its god awful.

    and I’m giving the new Singing Group show one chance to impress.

  2. Mags Said:

    Flash Forward didn’t even get past me pressing play on my DVR. Mr. Mags watched it, and said I shouldn’t bother.

    Gossip Girl stays because of the clothes and the glitter. But, yes, more Chuck Bass. Always.

    Grey’s has actually been mildly entertaining this season and less of a minefield of suck than last year.

    My current “Why the frak am I watching this?” show is Top Model. It’s just such a boiling pot of tranny mess that I can’t look away.

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