My Best (Material) Christmas Gift

I know after Christmas you’re supposed to say how the best gift was spending time with your family and, yay, we’re all happy, healthy, and only mildly hungover.  And, yes, all of that is lovely and I am blessed to have all of those things.

But sometimes Santa shows up with one of those gifts that you never even knew you wanted; and now, one week later, it has become part of who you are and what you stand for and you wonder how you ever lived without it.

My such a gift this year was the Kermit the Frog mug that Santa left in my stocking.

My mug is perfection.  It features a giant Kermit on the side of it, which mesmerizes my 1 1/2 year-old.  I just need to leave it out on the kitchen counter so he can enjoy it from his high chair, engaging it in a one-sided conversation consisting of “bas” and “das” and “bees,” allowing me to empty the dishwasher or prepare his smoothie before he completely loses it.  The mug is the perfect size for my needs.  It holds more than a single cup of coffee, so the molten hot liquid doesn’t slosh out all over my hands as I chase the baby or the dog or the pair of them around the house.  It’s shaped like a regular coffee mug, only bigger, which is a vast improvement over the giant latte cup I sometimes use which just ends up spilling tea or coffee or soup all down the front of my clothes (as my battered bathrobe can attest).  I can put my mug in either the microwave or the dishwasher (unlike my metal travel mugs), which means I don’t have to dirty up two vessels when making my chai tea lattes.

Most importantly, the mug is “mine.”  I’ve never had a mug that could fit all of my needs like this one.  Years from now (if it survives my son’s adolescence) I hope that this mug becomes as synonymous with “me” as the crystal pitcher where I keep my water for the day or my Stella perfume.

I’m sure “Santa” just bought this mug for me on a lark, in fact I know he did.  He bought it not for me, intentionally, but for my son who loves the Muppets to a ridiculous degree (not that there’s anything at all wrong with loving the Muppets, at all).  It was just an added bonus that I liked the gift so much.

Sometimes it’s the little things you don’t expect that end up meaning the most.


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