Also-Ran Movies of the Aughts: Horror

Many bloggers and critics (my husband included) have been posting their lists of the best films of the 00s.  This is not one of those lists.  The following is one in a series of posts dedicated to the overlooked/underrated/hidden gem films of the Aughts.  I have handily included Netflix links with each film in case you want to add it to your queue.  And you should.  All of them.  For further inspiration, see the lists of romances, comedies, dramas, and difficult dramas.

I have to credit my friend Jeff with getting me into horror movies.  He is the horror movie master.  I am just a lowly apprentice.  I’m not a fan of gore for no reason (a-hem Hostel), and I’ve never really liked any of the American remakes of Japanese horror films (really haven’t liked most of the Japanese originals either, I must say).  However, these are the somewhat under-the-radar horror films that are worth your time.

Zombieland – I’ll start with one of the newest.  This film is more funny than scary, but that’s OK.  I love funny horror movies.  Have you ever seen Demons 2?  Best comedy ever.  Zombieland also features one of the best celebrity cameos of all time.  Of ALL TIME.  And that’s not a clue.  Kanye West is not the cameo.

The Descent – Mr. Mags and I have dubbed this one “The Decent” because it really, truly is decent.  The first half of the movie is a claustrophobe’s nightmare, what with all the spelunking and stuff.  The addition of scary creatures at the end of the movie is just overkill, in my opinion.  The prospect of being caught in a cave for the rest of your life is horrifying enough.

Audition – Basically a mail-order bride gone very, very, VERY bad.

Slither – This is a really fun action comedy in which aliens are turning all of a town’s residents into zombies and monsters.

Feast – For all the drama that John Gulager caused on Project Greenlight, he ended up making a really funny little horror movie.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose – Critics were calling this one not a scary movie, but a courtroom drama.  That is false.  This is one of the scariest frakking movies I’ve ever seen.  To this day, if my sister-in-law wakes up at 3 AM, she can’t get back to sleep until 4.

Dawn of the Dead (remake) – This movie was not supposed to be good, but (aside from the fast zombies – blasphemy) this is a fun little undead romp.

Final Destination 2 – You don’t have to watch the whole thing, just the opening scene on the highway.


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