Golden Globes – TV Predictions

Just want to get my thoughts out there so I can gloat on Monday (or hide my head in shame).

TV Drama

Big Love



Mad Men

True Blood – WILL WIN. Sure, Mad Men seems like a lock in this category.  The Globes have loved the show in the past, but that’s just the problem.  The Globes fancy themselves to be the cutting-edge, cool teenage sister of the Emmys, and they’re going to pick the pretty young thing in this category.  Who should win?  Well, obviously Big Love.

Best Actress in a TV Drama

Glenn Close

January Jones

Julianna Margulies WILL WIN. Again, it’s all about newness.  January Jones could take the prize, but I think she should be disqualified on the grounds that her Saturday Night Live hosting gig proved unequivocally that she’s not really acting on Mad Men.

Anna Paquin

Kyra Sedgwick

Best Actor in a TV Drama

Simon Baker

Michael C. Hall

Jon Hamm WILL WIN.  This will be Mad Men‘s big high-profile award.  In a perfect world, Bill Paxton would be recognized for his subtle work as the patriarch on Big Love.  Actually, in a perfect world, we could go back in time and give all the awards to The Wire.

Hugh Laurie

Bill Paxton

TV Comedy

30 Rock



Modern Family WILL WIN. It just hurts my heart that Entourage is in this category.  Really?  Entourage?  That show is about on par with Two and a Half Men at this point.  There are so, so many other shows that should be filling its (and Glee‘s) spots on this list (How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Parks and Recreation, Cougartown, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Flight of the Conchords, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, just to name a few).  Everyone is picking the utterly disappointing and maddening Glee to win this category (I loathe that show.  It’s the new Heroes.  Just you wait.  Everyone’s gonna start bitching about its craptacularity any day now), but I’m hoping the voters have the brains to pick the REAL best new comedy on TV, Modern Family.

The Office

Best Actress in a TV Comedy

Toni Collette

Courteney Cox WILL WIN. She deserves this.  If Lea Michelle (who is absolutely terrible on Glee, but maybe it’s not her fault, maybe it’s the fact that the writers haven’t a clue what they’re doing) wins, you can find me drowning my sorrows in a pint of gelato later this evening.

Edie Falco

Tina Fey

Lea Michelle

Best Actor in a TV Comedy

Alec Baldwin WILL WIN. And I would have no problem with that.  I’d kind of like to see Thomas Jane win, just because I have an odd affection for him (probably since he appeared in my favorite movie and my favorite TV show AND Deep Blue Sea, which is just campy awesomeness)

Steve Carell

David Duchovny

Thomas Jane

Matthew Morrison

Supporting Actress Hodgepodge

Jane Adams

Rose Byrne

Jane Lynch WILL WIN.  And that’s fine with me.  She’s the only decent part of Glee.  Every moment of Glee that exists when she’s not on screen is pure torture.  I’d also jump with joy if The Sev won for Big Love, but that ain’t gonna happen.

Janet McTeer

Chloe Sevigny

Supporting Actor Mishmash

Michael Emerson

Neil Patrick Harris WILL WIN. Everyone loves the NPH, and rightfully so.  I’d love to see Michael Emerson win, but obviously the Hollywood Foreign Press hates Lost, so whatever.  Piven should bow out gracefully and recognize the dungheap his show has become.

William Hurt

John Lithgow

Jeremy Piven


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