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Where I’ve Been

Sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog!  I’m going to try to post more frequently, but I’m busy with the albatross that is American Idol over at  You can read my most recent recap here.

A teaser…

Oh, Chicago, my hometown.  No wonder Idol hasn’t been back since Season 5.

And Idol kind of ruined the illusion for me tonight.  Now, of course we’ve always known that the big cattle call audition and the audition with the judges take place weeks apart from each other.  It’s the big elephant in the room.  The camera folks hang out outside some giant sporting venue with scores of people while the judges sit in some hotel room somewhere and we all pretend like these things are happening at exactly the same time.  This episode really stretched the bounds of my imagination.  The cattle call took place in cloudy weather at the United Center this year, which is way on the West Side in basically as in the middle of nowhere as you can get in a big city.  And the judges were sitting in front of a backdrop of a bustling Michigan Avenue (on a beautiful sunshiny day).

Only 13 people made it though to Hollywood from Chicago, and none of them gave me either the chills or the pitter-patters, not to mention the screaming thigh sweats.  Even the bad auditions were unremarkable.  Not a “Pants on the Ground” in the bunch.  Only the Tiny Tim impersonator made any impression whatsoever.

Here are the folks who lived to be cut at the end of Hollywood Week.

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