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Remedial Football – Week 10

I am off to a good start, picks-wise, what with the Bears’ epic fail last night.  Earned me a cool 9 points to start the weekend!

Here are my other highly scientific NFL picks for this weekend (As always, in order of confidence).

15. Minnesota over Detroit

14. Pittsburgh over Cincinnati

13. Baltimore over Cleveland

12. Arizona over Seattle

11. NY Jets over Jacksonville

10. New Orleans over St. Louis (This one worries me.  They have to lose sometime…right?)

9. San Francisco over the Bears (WON!)

8. Miami over Tampa Bay

7. Tennessee over Buffalo

6. Indianapolis over New England

5. Denver over Washington

4. Dallas over Green Bay

3. Philadelphia over Whale’s Vagina

2. Oakland over Kansas City

1. Carolina over Atlanta


Remedial Football – Week 9

I took a full three minutes out of my writing time to make my football picks for this weekend.  Hopefully I can improve upon last week’s record.  I came in second (by one point) in the family pool to my cousin.  PATRICIA!!!!!

Here are my well-researched NFL picks for Sunday, Movember 8, 2009.

13. Atlanta over Washington (Sorry, MCD!  I have much love for the ‘Skins, but let’s be real here.)

12. Indianapolis over Houston (16 and 0! Super Bowl bound!)

11. New England over Miami

10. Jacksonville over Kansas City

9. Seattle over Detroit

8. New Orleans over Carolina

7. San Francisco over Tennessee

6. Green over Tampa in the Big Bay Match-Up

5. Baltimore over Cincinnati

4. Bears over Arizona

3. Philly over Dallas

2. Denver over Pittsburgh (Never count out Denver at home.  It’s the altitude.)

1. Sandy Eggo over NY Giants


Remedial Football – Week 8

I feel like this week is going to be chock full of surprises.  Among my family members, it seems as if this is going to be a good week for the home teams.

Here are the Week 8 NFL picks from a girl who’s only been to one pro football game in her life — and it was a Lions game, so it doesn’t really count.

13. Indianapolis over San Francisco. I went to school in Indy, and I love Indy, and Indy is playing really well so far this year.

12. Dallas over Seattle. Because Pittsburgh has a bye this week, Tony Romo is back on my fantasy team (The Flowery Unicorns).  Hopefully he will not disappoint me.

11. Chicago over Cleveland. Seriously, Bears.  If you don’t win this one…

10. Houston over Buffalo. Not sure why I rated this one so high.  Eh, Buffalo’s pretty bad, right?

9. New Orleans over Atlanta. The NOS have to lose some week, but not this week.

8. San Diego over Oakland. Yeah, whatever.

7. Arizona over Carolina. Sticking with my Cards, once again.

6. Jacksonville over Tennessee. These two seem like basically the same teams to me.  Maybe it’s their alliterative names.

5. Baltimore over Denver. I like The Wire much more than I like skiing.

4. Detroit over St. Louis. Two powerhouses go head-to-head.  Set your DVRs, folks.

3. NY Jets over Miami. Why not?

2. Minnesota over Green Bay. Will Favre make the statement, or will his former team?

1. NY Giants over Philadelphia. It’s like the World Series, ZOMG!  I like Philly better, but I have the utmost one point confidence that the Giants will win this one.

Remedial Football – Week 7 Picks

After one week of posting my football picks, I am 11 for 14 — a record I can be proud of because it was enough for me to win the family confidence pool!  Take that, Grandpa!

Here are my Week 7 picks in order of assurance:

13. Green Bay over Cleveland

12. Philadelphia over Washington. I’ve finally decided to give up on the Redskins, and now this is the week they’ll probably pull through with a big win.  Bah!

11. Whale’s Vagina over Kansas City.

10. Indianapolis over St. Louis.

9. Bears over Cincinnati. Ite Ursi!

8. New England over Tampa Bay.

7. Carolina over Buffalo.

6. New Orleans over Miami. They’re probably going to lose sometime, but I don’t think this is the week.

5. Atlanta over Dallas. Tony Romo is ruining my Fantasy team, and therefore MY LIFE.  Kidding.  I never even check my Fantasy team.  Probably why the Flowery Unicorns are so far behind Ditka Jordan in the standings.

4. San Francisco over Houston.

3. Oakland over NY Jets.

2. Arizona over NY Giants. Sticking with my Cardinals.

1. Minnesota over Pittsburgh. Tough call on this one, but…yeah.  Minnesota gets to keep their undefeated record for another week.

Remedial Football – Week 6 Picks

I have a football related learning disability.  I am very sports savvy when it comes to baseball, basketball, or golf, but for some reason the nuances of football elude me.  I understand the basics, but have a mental block when it comes to things like plays and penalties.  Whenever I think I’ve crossed a barrier into the realm of understanding, something new comes up to change the game and I feel like I’m in Calculus all over again.  That said, I have a savant-like ability to pick the winners of football games.  Maybe it’s because my mind is unclouded by things like “stats” or “knowledge.”

Here are my confidence picks for Week 6:

14. Green Bay over Detroit. I’d pick my local grade school JV team over Detroit at this time, so there’s no way I’m picking them over the Packers in Green Bay.

13. Jacksonville over St. Louis. A team has to be in real trouble to even consider Rush Limbaugh as an owner, right?  Maybe the Rams will come out swinging in order to prove a point, but I’m betting not.

12. NY Jets over Buffalo. Buffalo looks weird the more you type it.

11. New England over Tennessee. They’re playing in New England, and New England doesn’t choke.  Sometimes.

10. Philadelphia over Oakland. Philadelphia’s always really good, right?  And Oakland hasn’t been good for a long time.  Bo knows what I’m talking about.

9. Pittsburgh over Cleveland. Wow.  A battle of two sexy-ass cities.  The eye candy is going to be off the hook. Actually, I kind of forgot this game existed, which is why I only rated it a 9.  It probably should be about a 13.

8. Carolina over Tampa Bay. Panthers can maul the heck out of Buccaneers.  Bears beets Battlestar Galactica.

7. New Orleans over NY Giants. New Orleans is currently my pet team, so I always pick them.

6. Washington over Kansas City.  I never bet against Clinton Portis.  Usually.

5. Arizona over Seattle. The Cardinals were last year’s pet team (and they made it to the Super Bowl, so bah!) and old favorites die hard in in my book.

4. Chicago over Atlanta. I usually try to pick my hometown team, and I really do think the Bears are underrated this year.  They’ve got gumption.

3. Denver over San Diego. Denver’s another pet team (usually only when they’re home — the altitude!), but they pulled it out for me last week, so I’m showing them some love over the Chargers.

2. Minnesota over Baltimore. It kills me to pick Favre over the Ravens, but Minnesota has been on quite a tear.

1. Houston over Cincinnati. Because…I’m not sure why.